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Product Information

Product Brand :   CX365™

Product Name :   KN95 & FFP2 NR Daily Protective Mask

Model Number:   CX9501-P

Manufacturer  :   Jiangsu Sanfo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.              

                           Building A4 & A9, New Materials Tech City
                           High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
                           Suqian, JiangSu
                           People's Republic of China

Notified Body :  CCQS Certification Services Limited
                           Block 1 Blanchardstown Corporate Park
                           Ballycoolin Road,Blanchardstown
                           Dublin15,D15 AKK1

Intended Use

The CX365 KN95 & FFP2 NR Daily Protective Mask, model number CX9501-P, is a single-use, non-sterile, disposable filtering facepiece respirator. It is intended for use in healthcare settings by healthcare personnel pursuant to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations to prevent healthcare personnel exposure to pathogenic biological airborne particulates.

  Fitting  Instructions

Seal  Check

Storage  Tips


1. Cup the mask in one hand, with the internal metal nose clip towards your fingers, and place it over your mouth and nose. Pull the earloops on each side of the mask outwards.

2. Adjust the position until the bottom of the mask fits just under your chin. Pull the two earloops over your ears. 3. Attach the head harness clip to one earloop and then attach it to the other earloop at the back of your head. Adjust until the mask fits comfortably and creates a seal against your skin.
4. Place your fingertips on either side of the internal metal nose clip at the top of your mask. Applying light pressure, run your fingers down both sides of the nose clip, molding it along the bridge of your nose.
5. Perform a seal check (instructions below) to ensure there are no air leaks.
6. Repeat Steps 1-5 until you achieve a seal with no air leaks.

Perform a user seal check, including both positive and negative pressure checks, to verify that you have correctly put on the mask and adjusted it to fit properly.

1. Positive Pressure Check. Place both hands completely over the mask and inhale sharply. The mask should pull inwards towards your face. If air enters anywhere from the perimeter of the mask, adjust the internal metal nose clip and earloops for a tighter fit. Repeat the positive pressure check.

2. Negative Pressure Check. Place both hands completely over the mask and exhale sharply. No air should leak out from around the perimeter of the mask. If air leaks out, adjust the internal metal nose clip and earloops for a tighter fit. Repeat the negative pressure check.

Store masks in their original packaging, away from contaminated areas, fire, dust, sunlight, extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, or damaging chemicals.

Storage Temperature: -20°C (-4°F) to 30°C (86°F)

Storage humidity:<80%

1. Do not use the mask if it is damaged, broken, or missing components.

2. Stop using and replace the mask immediately if there is any increase in resistance to breathing or if its properties have changed.

3. If any discomfort occurs, including but not limited to difficulty breathing, dizziness, nausea, etc., cease using the product , find a safe place to rest, and seek medical attention.

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